January Guest Artist: Painter Linda Kegley

Linda has been involved with art all of her professional life, both as an artist, calligrapher, and graphic designer, and also as a volunteer  with various arts organizations and programs both in her native Kentucky and in Florida.  She is best known for her whimsical, funky painting style, personified by her continually evolving “Don’t Drink Like a Fish” series of over 300 anthropomorphic fish in cocktail glasses and other beverages, and for which she holds a U.S. Trademark.  Linda’s artwork is inspired by the coast, and she has also enjoyed painting coral reefs, abstracts, interiors, hidden geckoes, botanicals, and sunsets.  Her latest paintings are layered acrylics and mixed media with intricate pattern upon pattern.  Her goal is to make people happy and to smile through the freedom, riots of color, and energy of her work, and to transport the viewer to a happy place for a few minutes. Linda believes that the desire to surround oneself with happy art is universal.  Linda now lives in Palm Harbor, Florida, and is a former resident of Punta Gorda, and a former Sea Grape Gallery member.