Guest Artist

December Guest Artist: Photographer Gary Brownell

Nature and travel are Gary’s primary subjects, but since becoming a seasonal resident of Punta Gorda, he has expanded his collection to include Southwest Florida area locales, including scenes from the new Peace River Sculpture and Botanical Gardens. Gary has spent a great deal of time exploring and photographing the wildlife, mountains, and lakes of the Adirondacks of his native New York, and has also captured images of landscapes from his travels to Europe, the Caribbean, and the Far East. He has authored “Journeys with Light,” describing his photographic process, and his fascination with light and how it impacts the characteristics of people, places, and things. He is intrigued with how light influences images and how “good light” allows an image to capture attention beyond the composition and subject matter alone. Largely self-taught, Gary enjoys attending workshops to enhance his professional development.  Gary’s photography will be on display at the Gallery from December 7th to January 4th.