Brenda Berdnik

Sea Grape Gallery Artist Member since 2021
Fine Art Medium:  Mixed Media

Brenda Berdnik has always been involved in the arts. She and her husband Bill moved to Florida from Vermont in the early 1980’s.  Brenda worked mainly creating designs for apparel and textiles using watercolors, watercolor pencils, and acrylics.  Eventually, her interest turned toward 3-D work where she began creating one-of-a-kind jewelry, working in techniques such as Champlevé, Kumboo, brass etching, and other enameling applications.   Brenda is a multi-faceted artist, and has explored many mediums, including textiles, basket weaving, pottery, metalsmithing, enamels, mosaics, poetry, graphic design, and painting in all mediums from miniatures to large works, and much more.  One of Brenda’s most memorable art accomplishments is when she took first place in the Mixed Media category where she had seven pieces in the International Miniature show in Wells, England.  As Brenda says, “I continue to learn and use my skills from different fields to create my art treasures.   The works I create are truly unique unto me, each work has traveled thru my mind day and night.  I love the constant adding and deleting from a piece as it takes shape, most times that is where I find the story for the piece.  My palette of material is vast, and my techniques span the ages, which makes my creations a blending of skills from the past combined with the magic of technology.  I never let the unknown hinder my mind, for I have the most valuable tools one can have, my hands, which create visions from my imagination.  My works are all cataloged, numbered and photographed, providing province as they are heirloom treasures to be passed on.  I hope you might take some time to view my works, and that they might bring you a peaceful moment of reflection.”
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