February Guest Artist Joy Dibble

Joy Dibble is a founding member of Sea Grape Gallery, and is pleased to return this month as a Guest Artist.  Joy is proficient in several mediums, but her current work is composed of colorful, textured watercolor batiks – a multi-layered, organic approach to painting. Instead of painting solely what she sees from her photographs, Joy relies heavily on memories and impressions. She gradually builds up texture, color and shapes on rice paper with multiple layers of wax and watercolor. Color and wax are patiently added as choices are made about which colors will build on each other and which colors need to be preserved with wax. As the painting progresses, the earlier layers become difficult to see and she relies on her intuition. After the final layer of wax and darks are applied, the wax is ironed off of the paper revealing the painting. For Joy, this process of painting is exhilarating. Whether the subject is from Nature, a landscape or a still life, the subject of her painting serves as a device for what her eyes see and her heart feels. The resulting painting expresses an intimate mood calling the viewer in for a conversation with the painting with its texture and color. For this special exhibit, Joy created a lively, African inspired series entitled “The Magic of Africa.”  Joy is a Signature Member of the Florida Watercolor Society and a member of the Visual Arts Center. Her artwork has garnered national, regional and local recognition and is part of private, public and corporate collections. Joy resides in historic Punta Gorda, Florida with her husband, John, and their Mini-Goldendoodle, Gracie.