January Guest Artist Sarah Corey

Sarah Corey, our 3D Guest Artist for January, worked successfully with clay for many years, but has more recently transitioned to the ancient art of paper making.  Her paper creations are an extension of her work in clay,  and they are continually evolving.  At present, Sarah is most interested in creating bowls, which fascinate her because they are both simple and complex, helping us meet our most basic daily needs of eating and drinking.  Some of her bowls carry a reference to flowers that she remembers from her grandmother’s garden.   Most recently, she has become interested in the inside of the bowl with its capacity to hold and offer.  This interest has led to the creation of pods and closed or narrow necked gourd forms.  These speak of privacy, intimacy, and secrets.  Sarah’s hope is that people seeing her work will find something that speaks to them: a beauty that links them to the world community.