January Guest Artist Kitt Moran


The Gallery is pleased to welcome back former member Kitt Moran as a Guest Artist in January.

Kitt Moran is an American painter and celebrated singer. Her paintings are highly respected  for her bold and confident brushstrokes as well as her use of the palette knife.  Even though Kitt paints a variety of subjects, her main love is portraiture. “Art is a solitary self exploration. When I paint, I not only get to know my subject, but I get to know myself better too. I want my paintings to have life and emotion. I love people and I want to know who they are.”  Kitt came to painting later in life.  Although busy with a successful singing career,  she always had a grand passion for art, and in 2007 she picked up a brush and began to create.  Kitt was encouraged to enter juried art shows and proceeded to win awards for her paintings in less than a year after she began to paint. The judges’ comments typically included  “shows an emotional connection” and “confident strokes with brush and pallete knife”  ‘The painting has energy,” comments reminiscent of reviews of her singing.   A New York Newsday critic called her “vibrant, fearless and convincing.”

Kitt’s Artist Statement:

I am an artist because I have to be.  It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, that…. and coffee.  I paint every day, I sing every day, and I learn every day.”