January Guest Artist Mary Cameron

Our 2D Guest Artist for the month of January is award-winning Florida artist Mary Cameron.  Mary is a native Floridian, and grew up exploring the natural world of beaches, rivers, and woods.  She always had an interest in art, and graduated with a BFA from the New College in Sarasota.  She then spent many years immersed in the natural settings of marshes, swamps, gardens, and beaches, observing and taking notes.  These experiences shaped her imagery and enhanced her love of nature.  In the studio, Mary internalizes the memory of her nature experiences and creates imaginary plants and animals with acrylic paint on canvas.  Her art is characterized by washes of bright color and repetition of shapes and patterns, such as shells, flowers, leaves, ferns, stars, and spirals.  Mary often incorporates found objects such as vintage buttons and jewelry, and fabric pieces onto the canvas to add layers to her work and become talismans to lead the viewer into the layered and intricate environments she creates.  Mary describes her art as “celebrations of the natural world bathed in the richness of sunlight.”