March and April Guest Artist Brenda Berdnik

March and April 3D Guest Artist:  Former Gallery Member and Multi-Media Artist Brenda Berdnik

“I am very excited to be asked to be a visiting artist at Sea Grape Gallery. I have many fond memories of the gallery, other artists, and customers/friends. I am hoping to catch up with everyone while my work will be on display at the gallery.

The works I create are truly unique to me. Each of my pieces takes on a life of its own and I hope they are able to tell a story.

The palette I work from is a vast quantity of material. Being from New England, I have a tendency to be a great gatherer and a stasher. These treasures are sometimes the source of inspiration. The techniques I combine span the ages, which makes my work a blending of past skills and the magic of technologies. I never let the unknown hinder my mind, for I have the most valuable tools one can have, my hands. They do the heavy lifting.

I hope you might take some time to explore my works that will be at Sea Grape for the months of March and April. I plan to be there on these dates: March 3rd and the 5th, as well as April 13th, 14th and the 21st. Hope to see you there!”