Gary Skelly

Sea Grape Gallery Artist Member since 2022
Fine Art Medium:  Ceramics

Gary Skelly is a ceramics artist who currently resides in Venice, FL.  He has over 35 years of experience in pottery, sculpture & porcelain lighting.  His work has been in galleries in Florida, New York, Philadelphia & New Jersey, and can be seen in the lobbies of two high-end residential buildings in New York City.  Gary works primarily in porcelain clay.  He mainly uses glazes he mixes himself from raw materials for his Crystalline Pottery.

Continuing his love of working in porcelain, Gary has recently ventured into the complex high fire process of Crystalline Pottery where crystals are actually grown on the surface of the pots during a controlled firing process. 

Gary Skelly – Artist Statement

I don’t know what life would be like for me without feeding the artistic side of my brain.  When I first put my hands in clay, I didn’t realize that it would excite the artistic part of my brain to such a degree that I haven’t stopped exploring new ways to throw, mold, press and sculpt this substance that for me is magical.  I work both on the wheel and with slabbed pieces of clay.  Most recently I have been exploring Crystalline Pottery which fascinates me.  I find the most pleasure from creating work that I haven’t seen before, whether it’s from a new technique or process or from a different way of applying the materials I have become so familiar with.  Pottery has been a gift for me and I am constantly striving to make pieces that communicate a sense of balance and complexity, hoping to leave behind something that not only brings some beauty into the world but also might bring a sense of balance and serenity when viewed, or possibly even provoking thought.