Bonnie Benande

Sea Grape Gallery Artist Member since 2004
Fine Art Medium:  Wheel Thrown Pottery

Expressions In Clay

Originally from Minnesota, Bonnie began studying the art of wheel thrown pottery in 1978 while living in North Carolina.   After moving to New Jersey, she continued her clay studies at a local college.   However, the demands of her business career limited the time she had to pursue this artistic endeavor.   Upon settling in Punta Gorda in 2001, Bonnie again resumed her craft in earnest.   She has studied with distinguished local potters and continues to expand her scope by studying works of various artists.

Bonnie has focused on creating stoneware that seamlessly blends function with art.  Influenced by the flora and fauna of Florida, she has incorporated seashells, palm trees, and sea-life into much of her work.  Her uniquely glazed pieces are lead-free, and microwave and oven safe.  Bonnie’s pieces represent decorative artwork that is also designed to be used.

For Bonnie, stoneware pottery fulfills the passion to create beauty for others to enjoy.   She has demonstrated her pottery skills at various events throughout the area and has assisted in teaching high school students the art of wheel thrown pottery.   Her designs are prominently displayed in several shops and galleries in the Punta Gorda area, and she is a member of the Charlotte County Art Guild.

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