Nancy Giffin

Sea Grape Gallery Artist Member since 2015
Fine Art Medium:  Nantucket and Shaker Style Basketry

Creating Authentic Works Inspired by American History!

Nancy Giffin has been creating art for over 60 years in one form or another. Having lived in Massachusetts, she was inspired by American history and loved its traditions and culture. When moving to Florida in the early 90s, she brought with her knowledge of the Nantucket and Shaker culture and focused her art on designing Shaker oval boxes and Nantucket basketry. She was always inspired by the creativity, simplicity, and beauty of these traditional art forms.  Nancy has now expanded her creativity to include imaginatively carved and painted decorative gourds, beaded jewelry, ornaments, stained-glass, and sewn cards and pictures, which may include quillings or shells. Each piece of my art is always inspired by the history of the art itself.

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