Nancy Giffin

Sea Grape Gallery Artist Member since 2015
Fine Art Medium:  Nantucket and Shaker Style Basketry

Creating Authentic Works Inspired by American History!

Originally from Massachusetts, Nancy and Bill Giffin moved to Florida in 1992, bringing with them knowledge of the Nantucket and Shaker traditions and cultures.

They have always loved the creativity, simplicity, and beauty of Shaker furniture and the Shaker oval boxes.  The boxes were made in a wide range of sizes for household and workshop use, and were used to store dried herbs, spices, thread, buttons, nails, medicines – anything but liquids.

Their award-winning baskets and boxes, which are made in their Cape Coral studio workshop, aren’t just beautiful and functional; they are Nancy and Bill’s way of preserving and passing on a unique American tradition.

Nancy and Bill love to create Nantucket and Shaker boxes and baskets, knowing that they represent small replicas of American History.

In addition to basketry, Nancy also designs beautiful beaded jewelry, ornaments, and cards.  Her most recent creations are imaginatively carved and painted decorative gourds.

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