Jan Pronko

Pronko Rhett Fish, Sea Grape Gallery
Sea Grape Gallery Artist Member since 2019    Fine Art Medium:  Clay Jan Pronko has been interested in arts and crafts since childhood.  She has a special love of sewing, has worked in several mediums, and had a career in retail management of fabric and craft stores.  Her focus now is creating whimsical hand built clay art pieces of sea life and birds.  Her pieces range from ornaments to sculptures, totems, wall hangings, and plant stakes.  ... Read More

Bonnie Benande

Sea Grape Gallery, Punta Gorda F L artwork by Bonnie Benande
Sea Grape Gallery Artist Member since 2004 Fine Art Medium:  Wheel Thrown Pottery Expressions In Clay Originally from Minnesota, Bonnie began studying the art of wheel thrown pottery in 1978 while living in North Carolina.   After moving to New Jersey, she continued her clay studies at a local college.   However, the demands of her business career limited the time she had to pursue this artistic endeavor.   Upon settling in Punta Gorda in 2001, Bonnie again ... Read More

Marlene Jones

Sea Grape Gallery, Punta Gorda F L artwork by
Sea Grape Gallery Artist Member since 2017 Fine Art Medium: Horsehair and Raku Pottery "Working with clay is one of the most rewarding experiences," says Marlene Jones.  "Essentially, I take what is considered mud and form it into something useful as well as beautiful.  It is my personal passion." First introduced to pottery in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1960's, Marlene started on a kick wheel, where her leg provided the "spin" for centering and forming ... Read More