Perry Thompson

Sea Grape Gallery Artist Member since 2024
Fine Art Medium: Oil Paint

Perry Thompson’s paintings dreamily reflect the beauty of the area which he chooses as the inspiration for his works.  Mr. Thompson has inaugurated his particular style of painting as “Abstract Realism,” defining it as an attempt at capturing the beauty of all things interacting with each other, and the resulting colors, vibrancy, richness, and texture which exists as a result of these interactions.  His technique includes thickly applying oils with a palette knife on aluminum plate, creating a semi-abstract scene.  His softly formed landscapes show scenes of earthly relaxation, inviting the viewer to participate within the dreamily painted scenes.  Mr. Thompson graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree and has exhibited throughout Southern Florida, Chelsea, New York City, and his works are held in various personal collections throughout the United States.  In 2020 Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida accepted four of Mr. Thompson’s paintings for permanent display.  In 2022, he was juried in “American Artwork.”  Less than 200 artists were selected across the United States for this prestigious publication.